What We Do

New York Classical Theatre's all-free productions are staged in public venues throughout the City. Our productions are dynamic and interactive, inviting the audience to personally engage with the story.

Our hallmark is our innovative staging style, Panoramic Theatre. We adapt each script to fully embrace our varied performance spaces, and give the audience an immersive theatrical experience. One reviewer described it as “a method by which the audience is less a witness to the actions before it, than at the center of those actions.” Panoramic Theatre staging techniques incorporate the venue to build an active, immediate, and direct relationship between the actors and their audience.


Every summer since 2000, New York Classical Theatre has popped up in city parks including Central Park, The Battery (Battery Park), Carl Schurz Park, Rockefeller Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and on Governors Island.

In our outdoor productions, we take Panoramic Theatre a (literal) step further. Audience members physically follow the actors from place to place throughout the venue, entering the world of the play and becoming mobile participants in the story unfolding around them.


We have staged winter productions in Brookfield Place, One New York Plaza, and One Liberty Plaza.

Our indoor performances add a layer of intimacy and accessibility to Panoramic Theatre. At each performance, the audience is lit with the same ambiance as the cast and our artists approach script adaptation, design, voice projection and blocking with the same intention: to foster connection and heighten viewers’ engagement.

Attendance to open rehearsals and all performances is free to the public. There are no tickets. Please see Planning Your Visit for tips on attending our productions, including how to obtain tickets for indoor performances.